What does LED stand for? LED is an acronym for Light Emitting Diode.

So, now you may be asking, "What is a Light Emitting Diode"?

A Light Emitting Diode is a semiconductor, like a computer chip, only an LED emits light when electricity flows through it. 

Originally, LEDs were mostly used as small indicator lights due to high cost and low light output.

However, technological advancements have changed all of that. Over the years, LEDs have gradually gotten more powerful, to the point where they could emit enough light to replace lower wattage light bulbs, specifically those used in low voltage applications such vehicles. 

One of the first industries to readily accept LEDs was the boating industry aftermarket, followed by boat manufacturers. Often times there are power limitations on electrical circuits in boats. After all, the more power you need, the heavier the infrastructure you need, which makes your boat heavier, slowing it down and using more fuel. Additionally, low ceilings in boats (relative to your home) cause light fixtures to be nearer to you, sometimes making you feel the heat when you may not want to. LEDs operate at a much lower temperature than older styles of light bulbs, including fluorescent bulbs.

So,  if you can get more light by upgrading to LEDs, that is an easy way to make a gain. On top of that, LEDs use so much less energy than the old styles of light bulbs, coupled with the massive gains in light output as the technology has developed, that you can now get far more light for far less energy.

Other markets to follow on were other vehicles, specifically RVs / motor homes / vans / buses / automobiles, and off grid applications. 

As of 2015, LEDs had become powerful enough to be commonly used for regular household and commercial lighting. Efficiency is continually being improved upon, and cost continues to gradually drop, making LEDS the lighting product of choice for most people in most applications. Also, they have made their way into televisions and many other electronic devices, including signs.

Here at 12VoltLEDLights.com, we focus on the low voltage LED lights, mostly used in boats, RVs, vans and other vehicles.