1. 12 volt LED Dimmer Switch EF1206 (9-30vdc) - dims 12 volt lights or 24 volt lights - see below for replacement
EF1206 LED Dimmers 12 volt - 24 Volt (10-30v dc)
EF1206 LED Dimmers 12 volt - 24 Volt (10-30v dc)

12 volt LED Dimmer Switch EF1206 (9-30vdc) - dims 12 volt lights or 24 volt lights - see below for replacement

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Discontinued as of Jan 24, 2020. Out of stock.
Base Retail Price: $129.00
LED Dimmer Switch -9-30vdc - rotary switch 5 color options
ID/Sku: ef1206
Availability: Not for Sale.
Dimensions: OD 2.36" (60 mm) square
2.125" (54mm) cutout diameter
1.32" (33mm) recessed depth
0.87" (9mm) profile/protrusion
Power: 12 Volt DC - 24 Volt DC (9-30 volt DC range)
60 watts at 12v DC (5 amps max)
120 watts at 24v DC (5 amps max)
Finish Choices: Fixture Color Options (plastic):
White, Chrome, Gold, Silver Sand (champagne)
Additional Details: Screw Mount
Dry location only
Rotary dimmer, click on-off
Versatile PWM dimmer for use with 12 volt LED, incandescent, halogen, Xenon lights

This has been replaced by FriLight bd1209 12 volt LED dimmer.

Another alternative is our 12 volt 3-Way LED Bulb
Our 12 volt dimmers - 24 volt dimmers can be used for low wattage 12 volt DC and 24 volt DC incandescent, Halogen, Xenon or LED lights, including the FriLight and the 12 volt lights with Bee Green LED Bulbs we offer on our web site.

NOTE: This 12 volt PWM Dimmer (pulse width modulated) is only for use with resistive loads, and so is NOT for use as a motor control.

This 4 wire 12 volt dimmer is great for both new installations and retrofits.

NOTE: It can replace an existing switch provided you have access to both power + and - . Install inline between the power source and the lights. NOTE: The dimmer output must be connected only to the load (lights) and must NOT be grounded. The load negative is NOT common. This dimmer is only to be installed by qualified personnel. If you do not understand the wiring instructions / wiring diagram, then you are not qualified, and need to find someone who is. Warranty does NOT cover damage caused by improper wiring or misapplication of this product. All returns are thoroughly inspected/evaluated.
12 Volt LED Dimmer - Pulse width modulated

Dimmer is mounted in a FriLight housing to match the size of our 12 volt switches.



The dimmer will dim both colors in our bi-color bulbs. However, the dimmer likely will interfere with the color changing. To change color, you need to toggle a switch off and back on. The dimmer, however, ramps the power more slowly, and you may get stuck with only white light. 

The only remedy we know of is to put a switch inline with the dimmer. Use the dimmer for dimming. Use the switch for color changing. The bulb should initially illuminate in the secondary color (i.e. red or blue). When the switch is toggled, it should turn to white. To return to the secondary color, you need to turn the switch off for typically 4 to 7 seconds, then turn back on.

If you have an existing wall switch, perhaps you can keep it and add the dimmer. Otherwise, we do offer a switch here: 12 volt wall switch.

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