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At, we carry lighting products including Bee Green 12 Volt LED Bulbs and FriLight 12 Volt Lights from Sweden. Many of these classic light styles have been used in boats and RV coaches since around 1990. Now, we are pleased to offer them with environmentally friendly power saving LEDs. Alternatively, for those of you with existing fixtures from FriLight or other manufacturers, most can be upgraded by simply installing the appropriate style of 12 volt LED bulbs.

If you want to dim our LED lights, a "PWM" or pulse width modulated dimmer is required. We offer a 12 volt LED dimmer. Alternatively, we offer 12 volt 3 way LED bulbs which can be dimmed / adjusted by toggling your switch off and back on.

Based in Sarasota, Florida, we are an American owned and operated business. Our 12 volt LED lights (and 24 volt LED lights) are drop-shipped direct to you from the SalVinCo 12 volt LED warehouse, also located in Sarasota, Florida.

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